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We know how to give your business the social media marketing edge with creative ideas that will boost sales and target potential customers.

Social Media Marketing That Generates Leads & Profits

Are you a small business owner looking for more leads and customers from social media?

MZ Digital is the perfect solution for you! We offer social media management and marketing services that are data-driven and tailored specifically to help small businesses succeed. You can trust us to help you achieve your marketing goals. We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to generate leads and customers through social media.

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Data-Driven Social Strategy That Boosts The Online Presence of Your Business

Web Design | Search Engine Optimization | Lead Generation

We are not your average agency. Our team of dedicated social media marketers will create custom campaigns for any goal you have. Whether it's building an online following or driving traffic off-site with native ads! 

We use cutting-edge technology to make sure we can meet even the most competitive goals - but don't worry about us getting in over our head because every strategy is backed by machine learning software - allowing for more effective results than ever before!

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Inside Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Advertising Services

Reach more than one billion Facebook users with a social media marketing plan for Facebook, the world’s biggest network.

Instagram Marketing

MZ Digital offers a complete Instagram Marketing Solution that can help you achieve your marketing goals. We will help you in influencer marketing, creating engaging content, growing your following, tracking your results and everything to see you on top of your game. 

Twitter Advertising 

Don't be left behind in this social media revolution! Use our Twitter advertising services to connect with potential Twitter users and current clients fast. Become the authority business that users follow and trust for their needs!

LinkedIn Advertising Services

To generate leads, advertise on LinkedIn, set social media targets and run persuasive ads that are personalized for your target audience. As they say, do business where is done and increase response rates by 500%!

YouTube Advertising Services

YouTube being the world’s second-largest search engine (trailing only Google) can help you reach more than one-third of all internet users! With social media ad management services for youtube, MZ Digital makes sure your ads stay up on top - where they should be seen by everyone to boost your sales ten times over!

Pinterest Marketing

Welcome to the future, that is Pinterest. It offers a unique and engaging way for retailers to market their products. Pinterest Marketing by MZ Digital can help you engage with highly targeted audiences in order to generate awareness about your business as well as increase sales!

E-commerce Social Media Advertising

Don't let your competitors steal the show! Attract more customers by advertising on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Run ads targeted at particular audiences and long-term goals in mind - you'll be glad you did when they convert into buyers for life and you see the advanced analytics. Drive traffic to eCommerce stores through special offers that can only be accessed via these channels and watch those revenue numbers skyrocket!

Lead Generation

Social media can be a useful tool for B2B companies. In fact, more than 40% of marketers who work within this industry have earned clients through Facebook! That's because social networks offer an opportunity that isn't available anywhere else-realtime interactions with potential customers and followers alike. It really gives your business "personality." However many businesses neglect these benefits which leaves them missing out on key opportunities (and revenue).

Features of Our Social Media Deliverables 

Our data-driven social media marketing strategies help you to generate consistent leads and customers !

  • Original Social Media Posts
  • Custom Images
  • Cover And Profile Photo Design
  • Social Media Network Setup & Optimization
Original Social Media Posts

Original Social Media Posts

If you want to be on top of your game and keep up with the latest trends, you must know the difference between paid or organic content.

MZ Digital creates custom posts every month to engage current subscribers or persuade potential followers. So, you can get the most out of your social media campaigns! Moreover, your team will have full control over the live schedule; no post will launch without approval from you first.

Custom Images

Custom Images

You can't afford to leave your social media posts without custom images! Our team will capture the attention of users on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with high-quality visuals for you. With awesome photos compiled by MZ Digital designers, there's no challenge that they won't overcome. Because we have what it takes to conquer social media channels!

Cover And Profile Photo Design

Cover And Profile Photo Design

Your custom cover and profile photos will be designed to improve brand identity and send positive trust signals. If you're already using professional on-brand images for your covers, we will make sure they are optimized!

Social Media Network Setup & Optimization

Social Media Network Setup & Optimization

If you are new to the game or just looking for more exposure then we have got everything that is right up your alley! Launch your social media marketing strategy with optimized and customized accounts according to your business needs. 

Our dedicated specialists will create and set up an account specifically designed around your business goals - From increased social media followers to expanding reach through Twitter campaigns and building brand awareness, we’ve got everything!

  • Social Media Account Audit
  • Brand Reputation Analysis
  • Boosted Posts Ad Management
  • In-Depth Competitive Analysis
Social Media Account Audit

Social Media Account Audit

Is your company's current social media content strategy effective and engaging enough to reach new customers? Get an innovative one from our dedicated account manager that will help you grow in today’s competitive world of digital marketing! We'll help you create one that is tailored specifically to suit the needs of your company with our comprehensive account audit.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Brand Reputation Analysis

Your trusted social media specialist will help you get back on track with a brand reputation analysis. They’ll search for negative comments and posts about your company, as well as provide recommendations to achieve an authentic online presence that brings trustworthiness into every aspect of business marketing - as well as helpful tips for achieving trusted status with potential clients!

Boosted Posts Ad Management

Boosted Posts Ad Management

Your company needs an effective social media marketing campaign to help promote its products and services. Give your business the edge with our top-of-the-line social media Boosted Posts. 

With our specialist team, you can boost up to six posts per month with custom ads. All this will be tailored for your audience as well as social media management discussions about what’s working best within the organization right now!

In-Depth Competitive Analysis

In-Depth Competitive Analysis

Do you want to know what your competitors are up to? We can tell you that and more! Get a detailed analysis of the online performance of all businesses in certain niches. Find their weak spots and launch the best possible campaign against them!

  • Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
  • Daily Social Media Monitoring
  • Monthly Consultations
  • Optional Social Media Services
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

Partner with a Dedicated Social Accounts Manager to take advantage of MZ Digital's expertise and specializations. With their help, you can use the right strategies for each social media platform so that your business makes an impact online!

Daily Social Media Monitoring

Daily Social Media Monitoring

Instead of trusting your social media strategy to perform automatically, you can have a dedicated professional monitor it daily. Your specialist will check on the performance and interactions with posts they created in order to make sure everything is running smoothly!

Monthly Consultations

Monthly Consultations

To make sure your social media campaign performance is on fire, meet with a specialist every month. They'll discuss potential optimizations and improvements to boost the return of what you've invested in!

Optional Social Media Services

Optional Social Media Services

With a social media strategy that is designed to get you noticed and keep your current customers engaged, it's easy by having other special offers on the side. Your social media marketing strategy is incomplete without an aggressive and creative approach. 

For example, hosting a contest on one of your social media platforms can help you generate more traffic, engagement and even sales. MZ Digital is there for you to beat your competitor in every field with all the Optional Social Media Services and actionable insights.

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Why You Should Invest In Professional Social Media Services?

Investing in social media marketing platforms is a challenging task for many companies. A lot of them recognize its value but lack the persuasion that it’s worth investing time and money into an advertising campaign. 

Some businesses also try to do their own marketing through social media marketing courses. The reasons listed below are five powerful arguments for those businesses to consider investing in professional Social Media marketing as part of their business strategy.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

The number of people using social media continues to grow. And if you don't have a presence on at least one major platform like Facebook or Instagram then your company might as well shut its doors. Because no customer will ever be able to reach out to you in search of help without seeing an ad first! 

Build Valuable Brand Awareness

Building a relationship with your followers is the key to success on social media. Social media can help you establish yourself as an expert in the field, with ads and organic posts that attract new followers who may eventually purchase from you if they like what's seen so far!

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Do you want to know the number one thing that businesses need in order to not just survive but thrive? It's Social Media. Why is this so important, what can we achieve with it and how can you get started on your journey towards success?

A social media presence will help you connect with shoppers. This means they're more likely interested or loyal to your brand than ever before!

Encourage Repeat Purchases

The power of social media is in your hands. You can use it to promote and advertise not only yourself but also products or services that you offer - all while reaching new customers!

The best part: with posts about exciting deals going live soon-or limited time promotions coming up - you can make your followers engage more and convince them to always come back.

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